Thursday, October 22, 2009

Performance Art

Not content to only display visual art, we set aside a time during our Gala Gallery Opening for performance art. Lizzy's poems were read, Busi of course performed several lip synch numbers, Curtis showed off his disturbing ability to practically dislocate his arm, Colletta and Busi danced to a Congolese song (translation provided by Luc), and Dayna MC'd the evening hilariously in character as Will Ferrell's Harry Caray.

But there was a serious side, as blessings were read and prayers were said for the family as they head into a new season of life and ministry. The Wards have generously poured themselves out here, mentoring so many and enriching the lives and hearts they have touched. Their leadership and friendship will be greatly missed!

Busi performing "You Give Love a Bad Name" (no comment intended upon Bryan and Daleen and their ability to love)

Colletta joins Busi to close out "You've Lost that Lovin' Feeling" (again, no comment intended upon Bryan and Daleen)

Colletta and Busi invite Daleen to join them in a Congolese dance

Oupa joined in as well, and brought Bryan along with him. I love the expression on Bryan's face here...

Pangani Gallery

Over the weekend, we threw a surprise thank you celebration for the Ward family. Bryan and Daleen were part of starting up NieuCommunities South Africa seven years ago, and this year will be their last apprenticeship year.

Given the Wards' passion for creativity and the ways they have encouraged art throughout our community especially this year, we decided to use that as a theme for the evening. While the staff took Bryan & Daleen out for dinner, the apprentices and other friends were hard at work transforming Pangani into an art gallery. We displayed the Wards' artwork as well as pieces created by many of our community. Here are a few shots of our very own Pangani Gallery.

The Bryan Ward and Daleen Ward Gallery: We renamed the sitting room for the evening to showcase art by Bryan & Daleen.

Interactive Photo Collage: photos were displayed from throughout the Wards' time with NCSA, and gallery guests were invited to add their own comments and memories sparked by the photography on display.

Local Artists: Throughout the gallery was displayed art by many from our community: here are several pieces by the Crawley girls.

Masterpieces in Mentoring: Hung from the ceiling in the Gallery Lobby (otherwise known as the dining room) were photos of many of those who have been mentored by Bryan and Daleen over the years, along with words of affirmation and thanks.

Where I work

For the past few weeks, Pangani has been canopied above and carpeted below with purple blossoms. Abram, one of our gardeners, is constantly raking up the purple debris. By the time he's gathered a wheelbarrow-full, the lawn is scattered with blossoms again. It's a losing battle and it's beautiful. Abram might not think so, though.

Sunday, October 04, 2009


Spring has arrived in Pretoria, and with it the jacaranda blossoms. Driving home the other day, I spotted this purple Beetle... the exact shade as the jacarandas on the street where it was parked. Sarah took this quick shot out the window. Not the best picture, but I still like the concept!

Emily's garden

Emily and the other employees at the bakery are growing vegetables in a community garden behind Emily's house. Emily has talked about getting this garden started since I was an apprentice in 2007, and it's exciting to see it growing at last!