Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Spring in Pretoria

The jacarandas aren't the only things in bloom right now. But they're still my favorites.

Friday, September 19, 2008


These pictures deserve their very own post.

My best friend makes this amazing dessert she calls "Vacuum Cleaner Bars." I obtained her permission to bake them in South Africa, since here I would not be infringing upon her territory of baking prestige. I baked them several times last year, but their inaugural South African appearance in 2008 was at the housewarming party on September 6. Here is a small taste (heh, sorry) just for you.


Roger enjoys his first vacuum cleaner bar... before going on to sneak about 4 more.

Serving some up to Laura

Joe and Ezra are very excited indeed

Keziah's a little worried about her mom...


This is a bit belated... photos from the housewarming party Sarah and I had a couple weekends ago:

I'm not very fond of the color orange. However, I have a very orange kitchen, and, apparently, very orange friends. With carrots.

Bahati, just hanging out on top of the washing machine

Busi singing her "Two Months" song, commemorating the date she met the NC gang

Sarah is very excited that Lizzy bought us toilet paper as a housewarming gift

Andrew wrote us this benediction and taped it up on our front stoep (porch/patio)