Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Election 2009

Today is the national election in South Africa. Over the past couple months, election posters for the many, many parties here have been plastered all over signposts, freeway overpasses, and billboards. Here's just a selection:

This one falls under the category of "would probably be prohibited in America." Loosely translated: "Too white to work?" Another poster from this same party features the simple slogan "Fight crime" under a picture of a white woman's face, fear in her eyes, with a black man's hand over her mouth.
The middle poster here is one of my favorites... because I find the horrible photo choice absolutely hilarious. I can't decide whether the man is angry, constipated, or just extremely uncomfortable. Perhaps all three.
A faded ANC poster of Jacob Zuma... these posters of Zuma are ALL over the place. The ANC victory is pretty much a foregone conclusion, whatever you might think of Zuma!

One of the local apprentices, Curtis, has posted some great thoughts leading up to the election if you're interested in learning more... check out this post especially, with links to info on the major political parties here. And I will conclude with this political cartoon that I totally stole from Curtis' blog:

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