Thursday, April 16, 2009

Around Pangani

On more than one occasion, the numbers from the "106" in front of Pangani have been stolen. Tired of replacing them, Bryan took them down and one of the gardeners painted a crooked number 106 in their place. That simply would not do. Daleen made this awesome mosaic to cover over the painted numbers, and give us a far-less-stealable number.

One of the community cars has been in the shop for... weeks now? Not sure. Sharing two cars among 7 apprentices is a challenge, even more so when one of the two is out of commission. This afternoon, I discovered the following small plea attached to the Corsa's mileage book, complete with flower and candles...


Laura said...

What? The Corsa broke and has been in the shop for 18 weeks and the apprentices are all sharing half of a half-working car? That NEVER happens!!


Love the get well vigil for the Corsa... hehe.

Melanie said...

I never saw the flower and candle! That is AWESOME!