Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The games we play

One of the things I love about NieuCommunities is the creative way our curriculum seeks to engage different learning styles. This leads to doing some interesting things for "work." I led a conversation on Monday that began with a water balloon toss, and last week, Doug led the group in a game of Mao to illustrate rather tangibly what culture shock can feel like. Here are some photos from both activities, just a small taste of our learning conversations...

A peek at what's in Busi's hand
Wait, what?
I think Melanie received a penalty here for not saying "Have a nice day"

Nice catch, Busi
Tony shows off his throwing technique
Colletta and Johannes keep their tosses pretty close
Melanie takes a hit
Judging from the expression on my face, I think this one was taken just before I hit Chris with one of the leftover water balloons:

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