Saturday, February 07, 2009


Last night, we introduced this year's apprentices to the game of cricket. We went to a local Pro20 match (Pro20 games are only about 3 hours long, as opposed to up to 5 days). Many Americans find the rules of cricket incomprehensible and therefore interminably boring (the length of the game no doubt has something to do with this as well). This was the second cricket match I've attended, the first being 2 years ago during orientation when I was an apprentice. So I'm not really one to comment on my extensive knowledge of the rules of cricket. (I'm not really one to comment on my extensive knowledge of the rules of any sport, to be perfectly honest.) But, I will say that I really don't mind an evening of cricket attended with friends. Last night, for example, I sat on the grass and enjoyed a picnic dinner, chatted with friends, ate cookies, wandered around in search of coffee and tea... and watched the exciting parts of the game. Like the end. =)

Here are some pictures from our outing:

Colletta in her free hat, enjoying a cookie

Mairin, wearing her "First Visit to Disneyland" pin

Enthusiastic fans


David Seruyange said...

I love all forms of human competition from spelling bees to modern gladiators of ultimate fighting and I have never, for the life of me, been able to grok cricket.
Fun in person?

Barbara said...

I think that in person you might enjoy it. At least the 3-hour version. Pro20 matches are shorter and a bit easier to understand. I enjoyed the first one I went to... this one, I didn't pay much attention to, so the fact I had less fun (or fun unrelated to the actual sport) was probably my own fault!