Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pottery, Part Three

This is the last pottery post, I promise. We got our finished pottery back a couple of weeks ago. It was like Christmas, opening up each piece that had been carefully wrapped in newspaper. Almost everything turned out differently than I had pictured... sometimes that was a good thing, and sometimes not.

Here you can follow one of my pieces through the whole process...

Fresh off the wheel. Kinda. Shaped and ready for the first firing:

After one round of firing, it's now been glazed and is ready for the final firing. It's supposed to come out blue on top and brown on the bottom, even though it looks grey and pink here. The middle has been painted with wax, to stop the glaze from running into the middle section.

Finished product. The brown was different than I'd pictured, but still. I'm kinda proud of it.

Two of my favorites. Sugar bowl...

...and milk jug.

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