Monday, August 11, 2008


I shared this covenant with the NCSA staff team a couple weeks ago and wanted to share it here as well. Especially since Melanie asked what exactly I do as NCSA staff. =) The following is my personal covenant—what I am committing to pursue during 2008. I’ve structured it around the areas of Communion, Community, and Mission—these are the foundational practices that underlie all we do in NieuCommunities: communion with God, community with others, and mission to the world around us.


I covenant to pursue a conversational relationship with God through both daily practices and a weekly Sabbath. In these practices, I will seek to build my life around God first, letting other activities flow from that center. I will pursue the following practices this year to grow and nourish my communion with God:

Attentiveness in everyday: cultivating awareness of God in each moment
Prayer of examen
-Weekly (Sabbath):
Set aside work for the day
Intercession: listing requests, prayer walking
Life-giving rest: poetry, fiction, music that feeds my soul
Engage in one of the following practices each Sabbath:
Exercises for one of: Sensate/Contemplative/Traditionalist/Intellectual
Formational reading (Bible, other)
Scripture meditation/lectio divina

-Community spiritual practices, prayer & worship
-Personal spiritual retreat (2 nights) 1x this year
-Meet with a spiritual director at least once a month
-Begin exploring Ignatian spirituality with a spiritual director


I covenant to initiate and pursue intentional, deepening relationships within NCSA. I will invite others to participate in my spiritual formation, and will participate in the growth of others as God directs. I will serve my community in the following ways:

-Attending check-in, Bible discussions & at least 1 conversation/week
-Planning/facilitating NCSA book discussions
-Setting aside 2 evenings/week for relational time with individuals in our community
-Inviting others into my personal ministry as it starts and develops
-Helping plan reflection days & road trip
-Helping with writing/editing curriculum
-Helping Arthur with NC communication
-Coordinating assignments for Natalie & Joe Reed


I covenant to pursue mission by reaching out to connect with individuals outside NCSA—building relationships, and allowing God to use those as a starting point for spiritual formation and shepherding. I will deepen existing friendships and build new connections, integrating my passion for the arts into the relationships and ministry opportunities that develop.

I covenant to pursue mission in the following ways:
-Being proactive in my ministry vision (discussion groups to connect people with God through fiction and film) by building connections with people outside NC/outside faith communities—people who aren’t connecting with God, but might be open to exploring spiritual ideas through creative/arts-based means.
-An apprenticing/mentoring relationship with Lizzy
-Leading an evening book group for people outside NCSA to read the NC books along with us
-Continuing my writing project with Sarah, with a focus on writing/editing
-Visiting with Granny’s family every other week

I covenant to grow in coaching and leading by:
-Attending coaching training in Vancouver and putting these skills into practice in my relationships with Lizzy and informally with the apprentice women
-Responding to opportunities to lead worship, conversations, and other community activities when appropriate

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