Sunday, June 08, 2008

Staff Retreat

This weekend, the NCSA staff team went away for a weekend of simply spending time together... making pottery. We stayed in a couple of awesome chalets in the bush, and had three full days of learning to make pottery (which often meant watching our host, Armand, fix our mistakes). I was amazed at the quantity of pottery we made in just three days... and I didn't even make anything new on the last day.

Melissa's hands on the pottery wheel

Daleen and Melissa hard at work

Amazing sunset (moonrise?) from our chalet

Me, Arthur, and Sarah trying to keep warm at the fire

The almost-finished products--these are all the things I made over the weekend.


Auntie Carol said...

Wow! What a lovely picture, not to mention all that wonderful pottery...
you're making missionary work look like pure fun!

Kristy said...

Wow, Babs, you're quite the clay artist!! They're so beautiful! Do you get to paint them, etc? I'm interested to know what you'll do with these. Can I have a Barbara Original? :)

Barbara said...

The pictures do tend to be more of the fun stuff...

And Kristy, you should see my handiwork a little closer... and compare to the others in the group. Mine isn't quite so impressive then... but I'm still fond of it. =) We'll go back in mid-July to paint and glaze, and I'm looking forward to using the finished products in my new house. =)

Tarun said...

That Sunset/Moonrise snaps awesome.
Think would save it for my desktop.