Thursday, April 15, 2010


I've been going through lots of boxes, clearing stuff away in preparation for leaving South Africa in a few months. And yesterday I discovered that I've kept nearly every card, letter, or postcard sent to me here over the past couple years. It was so much fun to look through these and be reminded of how many people "back home" are praying for and encouraging me from afar. So thank you to everyone who's sent something to me via "real" mail!

Represented heavily in this picture are the Palmers, who regularly have their Sunday school class and Awana group draw pictures and write cards for me, and of course my best friend Heather, who (when she's not pregnant and forgetful) sends me scads of hilarious postcards. Another favorite pictured in this pile is a card I received just before coming here in 2008, from Kirsten Graham--age 9 at the time, if my math isn't off. The P.S. to her message says: "There is a scary frog on your desk!" This is a reference to something I had on my desk in the church office, which she used to comment on frequently, saying he looked mad. It was a turtle, but still. I can't believe she remembered (I haven't worked there since 2003) and I love that she commented on it in the card. :)

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