Monday, October 13, 2008


Last week, the women of our community headed to the Drakensberg for some time to relax, explore, and hang out together. Here are a few highlights of the trip:

Four of us traveled to Lesotho (a country completely landlocked by South Africa) to visit Amanda's World Vision sponsored child. Here we are with the gifts presented to us by the family:

Horseback riding through amazing scenery in the foothills:

An amazing sunset as seen from our youth hostel:

The Amphitheater, one of the most impressive features of the Drakensberg:

Thursday hike to Sunday Falls:


Nancy said...

Hannah is SO JEALOUS of you horseback riding!!!

Tyler said...

I can't believe you braved the horseback riding only a year after our debacle in Mpumalanga. You are a brave soul.

Maybe if you had gone riding with us last year Carissa wouldn't have broken her arm...

Barbara said...

We did lose one rider before we got very far... one of the girls got freaked out and demanded to get down from her horse after it bit one of the other horses. But the scenery we rode through was worth the ornery horses.

And how, exactly, would I have prevented Carissa breaking her arm? You didn't...