Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pottery, Part Two

Pottery ready for glazing

Lying in the sun, waiting to start glazing pottery... yeah, both me and the dog. I wasn't rolling aroung scratching my back on the grass, though.

Sarah, with paintbrush at the ready

A few of my pieces of pottery, ready for the last round of firing. The colors supposedly will be quite different after the firing... that pink will actually be brown, and the brown will be blue. Or so we're told.

Enjoying coffee together after all the pottery was finished. Now we just have to wait for the final product...


Melanie said...

looking at that last picture of everyone reclining and laughing... that's a great shot of how it feels there in my opinion

so... what do you do as a "staffer"? [yes i know that question mark is placed incorrectly, but that is a particular rule of grammar that I think is nonsensical so I rarely follow it]

Barbara said...

That's a good question... ;-) I've been thinking of posting my staff covenant soon, probably a good way of answering that question. So... stay tuned, I guess. =)