Sunday, May 11, 2008

Baby baptism

My friend Evelyn and her family had a party to celebrate her baby's baptism. I drove out to Mabopane with Lizzy and Jody, armed with a list of phone numbers, very patchy directions, and Lizzy's vague knowledge of visiting there once before. After many stops to ask for directions, and about 20 minutes of circling Evelyn's neighborhood, we found her house.

It was a great afternoon to hang out with friends and catch up a bit. And, of course, to enjoy some African food. This was my first truly African meal since being back: samp (hominy) and beans, mabela, pumpkin, spinach, chicken, meat cooked in tomato sauce, chakalaka, cabbage...and I skipped the cow intestine, though Evelyn says it's her favorite.

Me with Evelyn and her son

Me and Hazel, hanging out at the party

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