Monday, October 29, 2007

The cultural experiences keep on coming

Sarah and I went to Potter's House tonight for the last time. Well, Sarah will probably take her parents to visit there in a few weeks, but I'm headed back to California in a little under 2 weeks. Anyway. It was quite a night.

We were running late because on the way, we stopped at the store to buy dessert. We were a little worried we'd miss dinner--it's usually around 6:30, and we didn't get there until 7:00. No need for worry--we hadn't even come close to missing dinner. We got there just in time for a meeting on obtaining housing. The meeting went till 8:30. THEN they served dinner. We were asked to go ahead and dish up the milk tart we'd brought for dessert--on the plates with the rest of dinner. They said we should put the milk tart on top of the pap, so it wouldn't get in the gravy. Ok. It was a bit strange, but it worked.

Once the milk tart was dished up, we waited for the rest of dinner to be served. Sarah was in the middle of a conversation and didn't immediately notice what was being spooned onto the plates. I watched closely for her reaction. I was rewarded by witnessing her doing a very obvious double-take. Because,'s a visual aid:

They're also known as "runaways," but yes, that's a chicken foot. Mmmmm.

After dinner, we made the rounds, saying goodbyes and giving out contact info. The evening concluded with one woman asking for our mailing addresses in America because she wanted to send us a package. Actually, her exact words were: "I will send you the Vanity Fair bras." She went on to ask for our bra sizes. Aaaaaand, then we went home.


H. Jessica K said...

I demand details!! What was it like? Cartilagey? Stewed 'til tender?

Barbara said...

Heehee. I didn't have the courage to try it. Sarah tried a piece from the pad of the foot and her comment was: "It tastes like...a part of a chicken." It's pretty much just skin, maybe a tiny bit of meat...people basically chew on the feet and suck off what little there is of them to eat, ending up with a little pile of foot bones. Our housekeeper prefers them fried (mmmm, crispy!), but these were stewed.

H de K said...

You make me feel good, I still read this page (My english is not good)

H de K said...

You make me feel good, I still read this page (My english is not good)