Sunday, February 11, 2007

Out of orientation and onward!

My third week in South Africa has concluded, and with it, our orientation time. Friday afternoon/evening and Saturday morning were spent in a time of reflection, solitude, and prayer--to look back on the past three weeks as well as to the year ahead. We celebrated with a Mexican Fiesta last night (organized by the apprentices), and had a time of commissioning at tonight's braai.

I'm excited to jump into our first six-week "learning posture" tomorrow--the year will be made up of six of these. Our first posture is "Listening," during which we'll focus on listening to God, ourselves, and the culture around us. On the ministry side of things, these next six weeks will be spent exploring different opportunities for ministry and seeking out where we might serve for the remainder of our time here. Though I'm a bit impatient to jump into ministry, I'm looking forward to seeing where the next six weeks take me.

In other news, over the past week I've plunged more deeply into culture here by driving a lot. I was very proud of my solo grocery-shopping trip on Thursday, during which I had no problems driving on the correct side of the road. Until yesterday, when Sarah had to stop me--twice--from turning onto the wrong side of the road. Sigh. Interesting fact, to counterbalance my not-so-talented driving: in South Africa, a traffic light is called a robot. No one seems to be sure why. But there you go. That's all for this week. Stay tuned. =)

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